2023 InterPack Processing & Packaging



August 25, 2021

Shenzhen Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd will take part in the “2023 InterPack Processing & Packaging Trade Fair”. At that time, different desiccant products will be exhibited. Customers and friends are welcome to come for interviews.

Booth No.: Hall 7, Level 2/A06-5

Date: 4th-10th May, 2023

Exhibited Products:

Packaged Desiccant: calcium chloride, silica gel, mineral, fiber, etc

Container Desiccant: bag, strip, pole and blanket,etc

As the largest packaging exhibition in Europe, INTERPACK brings together many reputable suppliers and service providers of packaging products; Chunwang participated in this exhibition, one goal is to expand the brand influence and popularity in the European market, and also allow European customers to experience the quality of chunwang desiccant; The second is to bring new products and new technologies to this exhibition, so that the packaging industry can discover the use of desiccant.

Interpack is the largest and most influential packaging exhibition in the world. Sponsored by the Dusseldorf Exhibition Organization, it was started in 1958 and held every three years. It is the world’s largest, most influential, and most professional packaging industry exhibition. It demonstrated new packaging products, innovative solutions and related services in the packaging industry in the fields of food, medicine, cosmetics, confectionery and pastries to users in the application industry.

Packaging materials: paper and cardboard products, soft plastic products, molded plastics, metal products, glass, ceramic products, and wood products packaging materials, export packaging, mixed packaging materials;

Packaging aids: device and safety aids, marking and labeling aids, antioxidants and desiccants, filling materials, sealing materials, sealing aids, packaging tapes, mixed auxiliary packaging;

Packaging machinery: paper packaging, cardboard, corrugated cardboard product packaging, soft plastic product packaging, molded plastic packaging, metal product packaging, glass, ceramic product packaging processing machinery, unpacking machines, filling and filling processing machines, machine accessories, miscellaneous Machines and tools, candy packaging machinery and equipment;

Label marking: label and packaging materials printers, labeling machines, marking tools;

Monitoring and testing: image analysis system, testing level, metal detector, packaging testing system, hybrid monitoring system;

Pre-press digital and equipment: design, network publishing, automated printing, CTP/CTF workflow system, desktop production system, etc.

All kinds of packaging machinery and accessories, packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging tools and auxiliary equipment, candy packaging machinery and equipment, etc

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