What desiccants are suitable for container shipment ?

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August 25, 2021

Today, tens of thousands of containers are loaded and transported to all parts of the world every day. It is not only convenient and economical, but also very efficient. Therefore, it has become the preferred mode of transportation for the majority of export companies to transport goods to all parts of the world. Because the cargo is transported by the ocean in containers, it has to go through the high temperature and high humidity climate environment, as well as the large temperature difference. The probability of causing moisture problems encountered by cargo in sea transportation is also higher than that of ordinary land transportation or land storage. Every day, millions of dollars in goods are shipped to all parts of the world in containers. The problem of cargo being damp during shipping is increasing. In recent years, shippers, consignees, deliverers, and insurance companies have become increasingly aware of the moisture formed by containers and the threat of “container rain”, which is gradually increasing the risk of container cargo damage. Risk; So desiccants are in increasing demand on the market, so what desiccants are more suitable for container shipping?

  1. Choose the safest: normal desiccant like silica gel and mineral desiccants would release moisture absorbed moisture when the temperature reaches a relatively high level, and then the moisture in the air will turn to liquid water again. While Sorb-Plus desiccant bag, strip or poles are composed of calcium chloride and starch, it will turn to gel once absorbing moisture and do not re-vapoure.
  2. Choose the most efficient: Sorb-Plus desiccant absorb 8-10 times of moisture that silica gel or mineral clay adsorb. Then the amount to be used inside 20ft container, 40ft container will be much less.
  3. Choose to order from qualified and reliable provider: Sorb-Plus desiccant are REACH compliant, NON DMF , ROHS certified by SGS. The product has passed at least four internal inspections within the company and strictly complies with international standards.
  4. Enjoy additional service and support: Firstly, it can timely and accurately analyze the potential damp risks or the damp problems faced; secondly, provide suitable and efficient damp solutions; be responsible for all solutions and products;

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