Why You Deed Desiccant?

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August 25, 2021

During the transportation or warehousing, moisture can be absorbed by your products and its packaging resulting in damage such as deformation, mold/mildew, odor, crushed and collapsed packaging, etc. It is essential that we should take preventive measures to ensure that your goods arrive at their final destination without loss or damage. Desiccant would be suitable and cost-effective way among different cargo protection products.

The humidity requirements of different products during storage

55-60%: antiques, banknotes, fax paper

45-55%: Cameras, lenses, filters, computer supplies, slides, video tapes, CD ROMs, PDAs, microphones

Less than 40%: Products and semi-finished products such as optoelectronic semiconductor components and electronic parts.

40-50% : Precision-processed metal products, silverware, bronzes, model cars, knives, measuring tools, instruments, etc. Objects with metal surfaces that may be oxidized.

Less than 40% : Food materials such as medicinal foods, health foods, Chinese and Western medicinal materials, dry foods, and lumps.

30% or less:  Chemical raw materials: pharmaceutical raw materials, seasonings, coatings, powders, powder materials, adhesives;

Moisture damage to different goods

1)Short circuit

2)Get mildew, mold

3)Cause rust, delamination,discoloration,and so on

4)Cause disease

According to above mentioned humidity level requirement and potential risks of moisture damage, Chunwang provide Sorb-Plus efficient desiccant to work as the packaging helper. As a desiccant providers since 1998, we have been successfully worked out some good moisture measures and achieved good result and feedback. Below are some of the cases.

  1. Ready-made garments factories and buying houses in Bangladesh use 2-50 gram Desiccant Bags inside the poly bags, or cartons containing T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Jacket, Sweater, etc. These goods arrived in good condition and dispatched to all shops and stores.
  2. Leather shoes exporters put 2g Desiccant Bag or Anti-mold sticker into boxes, especially leather shoes.
  3. Sofa and other furniture take more serious actions on mold prevention, Desiccant Bags are included inside package and shipping containers.
  4. Home appliances designate their vendors to install Container Desiccants and strictly follow the SOP of loading and unloading container.
  5. Agricultural cargo like coffee beans, coco beans, cashew nuts, milk powder are easily moisture damaged, except for GrainPro bag and container dry bags protection, desiccants are the additional and incredible protection.

If desiccants are used inside your packages or shipping containers, cargo loss can be largely reduced. And below are the benefits of Sorb-Plus desiccant

  1. 300%+ absorption capacity
  2. Safe, and no leak
  3. 3)Applicable temperature range
  4. Brand advantage: Chunwang brand has been widely used by many Fortune 500 companies

and has a certain popularity in the world

  • Environmental advantages: NON DMF, REACH Compliant, no pollution to the environment, can be discarded as ordinary garbage.

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