Sorb-Plus / Founded in 1998

Cargo desiccant & Container desiccant

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Desiccant bag

Desiccant Bag

SORB-PLUS “Desiccant Bag” is used inside boxes or other packagings and has the characteristics of small size and convenient use. It is the last line of defense to protect your cargos from moisture.

Cargo dry adhesive backing

Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing

SORB-PLUS “Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing” can be pasted on the packaging of the cargos to prevent moisture damage to the packaging.

Cargo dry blanket

Cargo Dry Blanket

SORB-PLUS  “Cargo Dry Blanket” can cover a large area of cargo surface, and its contact surface with air is larger, so the moisture absorption effect is better.

Container dry strip

Container Dry Strip

SORB-PLUS “Container Dry Strip” is specially designed for container transportation. It can be hung on the side wall of the container to absorb excess moisture in the container.

Container dry strip plus

Container Dry Strip Plus

SORB-PLUS  “Container Dry Strip Plus” adopts a top-suspended design. Both sides of it can be connected to the air, and the moisture absorption area is larger.

Container dry pole

Container Dry Pole

SORB-PLUS “Container Dry Pole” has a hard shell, which can avoid the risk of crushing when it is hung on both sides of the container to absorb moisture. Moreover, it is easier to hang.

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