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Container Dry Strip Plus

It can be hung on the top of the container to absorb excess moisture in the container




Product name

Container Dry Strip Plus



Main ingredients

Calcium chloride and starch



Outward appearance

Black print on blue



Packing size


Product structure

The inside of the product consists of 14 bags of calcium chloride powder, each with a net weight of 100g and a total net weight of 1400g. The inner bag is made of leak-proof packaging materials. The exterior is wrapped in non-woven fabric, which further strengthens the anti-leakage function.

Container desiccant structure

Raw materials

The main raw materials of the “Container Dry Strip Plus” are calcium chloride and starch. Its moisture absorption principle is to rely on the strong hygroscopicity of calcium chloride to absorb moisture in the air and form a gel with starch to prevent liquid from flowing out. At a temperature of 50°C and a relative humidity of 95%, the moisture absorption rate can reach 300% within 30 days.

Before absorbing moisture

During moisture absorption

After absorbing moisture

Moisture absorption capacity

From laboratory data, we can know that under the conditions of humidity of 28 °C and relative humidity of 85%, SORB-PLUS “Container Dry Strip Plus” moisture absorption rate can reach more than 300%. The moisture absorption capacity is 10 times that of ordinary desiccants.

Temperature: 28°C; Relative Humidity: 85%

Moisture absorption rate

SORB-PLUS “Container Dry Strip Plus”

Moisture absorption rate:  300%, Temperature range:-5°C-90°C.

Clay+Calcium chloride

Moisture absorption rate: ≤ 85%, Temperature range<50°C.

Pure Clay & Silica Gel

Moisture absorption rate: ≤ 30%, Pure Clay:Temperature range<50°C  & Silica Gel:Temperature range<37°C.

Applicable industry

SORB-PLUS “Container Dry Strip Plus” is specially designed for containers and can be used in any industry that needs to rely on containers to transport products.

Usage example

The SORB-PLUS “Container Dry Strip Plus” adopts a top-suspended design. Both sides of it can be connected to the air, and the moisture absorption area is larger.

Block vents

Cut the package

Hang the desiccant

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