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Onsite investigation of potential moisture damage risk

Factory direct supply | Distributors, wholesalers and dealers wanted.

Immediately after the previous article, we will continue to take the electrical industry customers in the previous article as an example to describe our service process.

After receiving the customer’s request for moisture damage prevention, we can send technicians to investigate the cause of the moisture damage and find out the potential risks.

Onsite investigation projects

  • Control of humidity in raw materials and production workshops
  • Control of humidity in product storage warehouse
  • The moisture content of the product itself
  • Moisture content of product packaging cartons
  • Moisture content of product packaging accessories
  • Moisture content of container wooden floor
  • Ambient humidity during cargo loading
  • Whether the container is damaged
  • Whether the container vent is blocked
  • Whether the arrangement of the cargos is reasonable
  • Have taken some measures to prevent moisture?
  • Is the usage and dosage of desiccant correct?

For confidentiality, only a part of the test items are listed. If you want more information, you can contact us.

Part of potential moisture damage risk

Potential moisture damage risk

Humid storage environment

Detect carton moisture content

Moisture content of the packaging box is too high.

Recommend:9% is the best

Detect moisture content of container wooden floor

Moisture content of the container wood floor is too high.

Recommend:15% is the best

Services and Support

A small amount of desiccant hanging on both sides is completely suppressed by the cargo, almost no air contact

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