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Agricultural moisture damage prevention

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A challenge facing the agricultural industry

The agricultural products themselves have high moisture content. If effective moisture-proof measures are not taken during storage and transportation, excessive moisture will cause moisture damage to agricultural products. In addition, agricultural products will parasite pest eggs during their growth. After harvest, if they are stored and transported in a high temperature and high humidity environment, they will be damp, which will provide conditions for the eggs to hatch.

Agricultural moisture damage

Agricultural moisture damage

There are usually the following types of agricultura products moisture damage: mildew, peculiar smell, insect growth, sprouting, agglomeration, etc.

Wooden box mold


Bad smell

Bad smell

Rice Worm

Insect growth

Soybean sprouts


Powder agglomerates


Recommended solutions

“Agricultural moisture damage prevention” is necessary. The solutions recommended by “SORB-PLUS” can solve the problem fundamentally and is environmentally friendly.

Cargo dry Blanket

Cargo Dry Blanket

Container Dry Strip Plus

Container Dry Strip Plus

Container Dry Pole

Container Dry Pole

SORB-PLUS Suggestion:

Spread the “Cargo Dry Blanket” on the agricultural product storage and transportation boxes, hang the “Container Dry Strip Plus” on the top of the transshipment container, and hang the “Container Dry Pole” on both sides of the transshipment container.

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