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Footwear moisture damage prevention

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A challenge facing the Footwear industry

Most footwear is made of leather and needs to be glued during the production process. Whether it is leather or glue, mold is prone to grow on its surface. Once the shoes get damp, mold will multiply.

Footwear moisture damage

Footwear moisture damage

There are usually the following types of footwear moisture damage: mildew, degumming, peculiar smell, rusty metal parts, etc.

Footwear breeds mold


Footwear degumming


Bad smell

Peculiar smell

Rusty footwear metal parts

Rusty accessories

Recommended solutions

“Footwear moisture damage prevention” is necessary. The Footwear industry mainly uses fungicides or anti-mold agents to solve the problem of mold growth. This method treats the symptoms but not the root cause, and does not meet environmental protection requirements. Using the recommended solution of “SORB-PLUS” can solve the problem fundamentally and is environmentally friendly.

Desiccant Bag

Desiccant Bag

Container Dry Strip Plus

Container Dry Strip Plus

Container Dry Pole

Container Dry Pole

SORB-PLUS Suggestion:

Put the “Desiccant Bag” into the Footwear packing box, and hang the “Container Dry Strip Plus” and “Container Dry Pole” in the transshipment container.

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