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Forwarding moisture damage prevention

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A challenge facing the freight forwarding industry

The freight forwarding industry usually undertakes the task of helping customers transport cargos. However, due to insufficient knowledge or negligence of the customer’s products, the customer’s cargos are not sufficiently protected from moisture, causing irreparable losses.

Forwarding moisture damage

Forwarding moisture damage

During the transportation of the cargos, the temperature inside the container will rise and fall between day and night, meanwhile the relative humidity inside the container will also fluctuate, eventually leading to two basic water vapor condensation: container rain and cargo sweat. This will cause the cargos to be damaged by moisture.

Wooden box mold


Rice Worm


Bad smell

Bad smell

Metal corrosion


Carton Collapse


Powder agglomerates


Carton Deformation


Carton Rot


Recommended solutions

“Forwarding moisture damage prevention” is necessary. Adopting the solution recommended by SORB-PLUS can help you prevent your customers’ cargos from getting damp, and increase your customers’ recognition of you.

Container Dry Strip

Container Dry Strip

Container Dry Strip Plus

Container Dry Strip Plus

Container Dry Pole

Container Dry Pole

SORB-PLUS Suggestion:

Hang the “Container Dry Strip Plus”, “Container Dry Strip” or “Container Dry Pole” in the transshipment container.

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