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Glass moisture damage prevention

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A challenge facing the Glass industry

After the glass is damaged by moisture, white spots will form on the surface, that is, mold has appeared. If it continues, the alkaline moldy components on the surface will corrode into the glass, causing irreparable losses. In addition, the glass is usually packed in overlapping form when transporting. Once damp, they will stick together tightly, not easy to separate.

Since the 21st century, the application of glass has become more extensive with the rise of new energy sources. Ultra-white embossed glass is mainly used in solar cell packaging and is an indispensable and important component of solar photovoltaic cells. Once the photovoltaic glass get wet and moldy, the appearance of the glass and the mechanical properties of the product will change, resulting in a huge loss of product scrap. SORB-PLUS has established long-term cooperative relations with many photovoltaic glass manufacturers since 2007, and has accumulated rich experience in the solutions of drying and moisture control photovoltaic glass, cells and photovoltaic modules.

Glass moisture damage

Glass moisture damage

The glass may be damp during storage and transportation, and mold, adhesion, packaging mold, and packaging deformation may occur after being damp.

Moldy glass

Glass mildew

Glass adhesion

Glass adhesion

Carton mildew


Carton Deformation


Recommended solutions

“Glass moisture damage prevention” is necessary. The glass industry generally uses fungicides to deal with the problem of glass mildew. This is just a remedy. The solution recommended by “SORB-PLUS” is preventive measures to fundamentally prevent the problem of glass mold and adhesion.

Cargo dry adhesive backing

Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing

Container Dry Strip Plus

Container Dry Strip Plus

Container Dry Pole

Container Dry Pole

SORB-PLUS Suggestion:

Paste the “Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing” on the glass before packaging, hang the “Container Dry Strip Plus” on the top of the transshipment container, and hang the “Container Dry Pole” on both sides of the transshipment container.

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