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Medicine moisture damage prevention

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A challenge facing the pharma industry

Medicines are expensive and sensitive to temperature and humidity. It is very important to prevent moisture damage during storage and transportation. Once the medicine is damp, it will become invalid, and once the medicine packaging is damaged, it will be unsalable.

Medicine moisture damage

Medicine moisture damage

When the medicine is damaged by moisture, it will swell, crack, mold, oxidize and change color. Moisture of pharmaceutical packaging can cause mold, deformation, collapse, and label peeling.

Medicine swelling


Carton mildew


Medicine cracked


Deformation of the carton


Medicine mildew


Carton collapsed


Medicine discoloration


label peeling

Label peeling

Recommended solutions

“Medicine moisture damage prevention” is necessary. The prevention of medicine moisture damage mainly starts from two aspects: moisture-proof outside the package and moisture-proof inside the package. The solutions recommended by “SORB-PLUS” can provide double protection for the medicine.

1. Moisture-proof outside the package

The desiccant using calcium chloride as raw material cannot be used inside the pharmaceutical packaging because it does not meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical standards. However, it has excellent moisture absorption properties, and it is the best choice for moisture protection outside pharmaceutical packaging.

Spread the “Cargo Dry Blanket” on the medicine storage and transportation boxes, hang the “Container Dry Strip Plus” on the top of the transshipment container, and hang the “Container Dry Pole” on both sides of the transshipment container.

Cargo dry Blanket

Cargo Dry Blanket

Container Dry Strip Plus

Container Dry Strip Plus

Container Dry Pole

Container Dry Pole

2. Moisture-proof inside the package

The desiccant used inside the pharmaceutical packaging must use silica gel as the raw material, and must meet the pharmaceutical grade standards and obtain relevant qualification certification. Our company has such qualifications and production conditions, and also produces such desiccants, if you need such products, you can contact us.

Pharmaceutical grade desiccant

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