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Packaging moisture damage prevention

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A challenge facing the packaging industry

Most of the goods are packed in corrugated boxes. The main components of corrugated boxes are cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, etc., which means that it has strong hydrophilicity and high moisture absorption capacity.

Packaging moisture damage

Packaging moisture damage

The packaging is easy to absorb moisture. After it absorbs moisture, it will cause damage such as mildew, odor, collapse, deformation, and rot.

Carton mildew


Bad smell

Bad smell

Carton collapsed


Deformation of the carton


Rotten carton


Recommended solutions

“Packaging moisture damage prevention” is necessary. The solutions recommended by “SORB-PLUS” can solve the problem fundamentally and is environmentally friendly.

Cargo dry adhesive backing

Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing

Cargo dry Blanket

Cargo Dry Blanket

Container Dry Strip

Container Dry Strip

SORB-PLUS Suggestion:

Paste “Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing” on the package,  spread “Cargo Dry Blanket” on the carton, and hang the “Container Dry Strip” in the transshipment container.

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