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(B2C) Retail moisture damage prevention

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A challenge facing the retail industry

The e-commerce retail industry mainly relies on express delivery to transport goods to customers. Although the transportation cycle of retail products is short, there is still a risk of damage to the goods due to high humidity in certain areas or seasons with large temperature fluctuations.

Retail moisture damage

Retail moisture damage

Common moisture damages during the transportation of retail products include: mildew, rust, staining, condensation, etc. Usually, damaged goods need to be scrapped. Even if the courier company is willing to compensate, the damage to the seller’s brand image cannot be recovered because the customer has experienced a bad shopping experience.

Footwear breeds mold


Rusty clothing accessories


Yellowing of clothing


Lens fogging


Recommended solutions

“Retail moisture damage prevention” is necessary.  The moisture damage prevention of express parcels in transit is not controlled by retailers, and retailers can only protect the valuable products in express parcels as much as possible. It is a good choice to use the solution recommended by “SORB-PLUS” to solve this problem.

Desiccant Bag

Desiccant Bag

Cargo dry adhesive backing

Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing

Cargo dry Blanket

Cargo Dry Blanket

SORB-PLUS Suggestion:

Place the “Desiccant Bag” in the small or medium-sized express parcel, paste the “Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing” in the large express box, and lay the “Cargo Dry Blanket” on the top of the cargo in the large logistics box.

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