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Tool moisture damage prevention

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A challenge facing the tool industry

Most of the tools are made of metal, which is easily corroded by moisture. Some tools have electronic circuits inside. Moisture may cause malfunctions to these tools.

Tool moisture damage

Tool moisture damage

Common tool moisture damage includes: metal rust, circuit corrosion, packaging damage, label peeling, etc., no matter what kind of damage, it will affect the sales of tools.

Rusty tools


circuit corrosion

Circuit corrosion

Carton mildew


label peeling

label peeling

Recommended solutions

“Tool moisture damage prevention” is necessary. Adopting the solutions recommended by “SORB-PLUS” can prevent tools from being damaged by moisture during transportation.

Cargo dry adhesive backing

Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing

Cargo dry Blanket

Cargo Dry Blanket

Container Dry Pole

Container Dry Pole

SORB-PLUS Suggestion:

Paste “Cargo Dry Adhesive Backing” on the package, spread “Cargo Dry Blanket” on the carton, and hang the “Container Dry Pole” in the transshipment container.

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